WFFC organization digital branding 2019

WFFC Organization is a national organization of over 500 members who are professional women in Flavor & Fragrance industry. Working with manufacturers, innovators, raw ingredient suppliers and consumer goods manufacturers, WFFC hosts an incredibly deep network of events and information that is managed digitally. In 2019 the organization finally bit the bullet in allowing newer chair members to invest in their dense front-facing website and back-end database that their operations rely on. Their existing digital communications also requires a revamped system and design templates.

senior designer, art director

The project brief was robust enough to send veteran designers running, but with a deep breath and some zen alone time I was quickly drafting a plan of attack for the information architecture of the website. I spearheaded the static wireframe process, employing expert level organizational proofing along the way to interface with the large guild of decision makers. I lead conference calls, rolling out low-fi prototypes and relayed information to our web designer to confirm viability of the webs infrastructure. I art directed, sourced stock imagery and executed interactive hi-fi prototypes to test user journeys with the client. I oversaw quality assurance of test site rollouts with the web designer and after launch of the site I designed a series template for all event e-blasts plus sourcing of imagery.

project management + digital design

  • sitemapping + static wireframes
  • digital brand + typography + color
  • stock image sourcing
  • hi-fidelty + lo-fidelty prototypes
  • user journey exercises
  • cross-functional project management
  •  e-blast template design + campaign delegation

Jill Anderson, Website Designer

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