Stay clean BRAND sanitizer launch 2020

2020 bestowed a wealth of *unprecedented* difficulties worldwide, which included all-time-low cosmetics sales. During this time essential working manufacturers in the beauty and skincare industry stepped up to rapidly produce sanitation products for the masses. Stay Clean Brand offers a lineup of traditional and scented hand sanitizer gels, as well as innovative facial mask deodorizers, that distributed nationally to major retailers and e-comm outlets during the height of the pandemic.

Design manager

Within weeks of the urgent distribution agreement plus finalization of the logo and mini hand gel concepts, I became involved with the design of the package labels for the rest of the product line. I oversaw typesetting, icon designs, color palette and file handoff to ensure the product efficiently hit market shelves. 

package design

  • product conceptualization
  • color palette + typesetting
  • icon design
  • art supervision + regulatory compliance
  • production supplier approvals

Jennifer Chaput, Creative Director
Samaria Walker, Graphic Designer

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