REI SKINCARE brand 2022

Fusing his rich knowledge for ingredient/trend forecasting and a comical story of overcoming personal hygiene tribulations, company founder, Beau Collins introduces Rei skincare to the Northeast region in 2022. The unisex brand is rooted in Ayurvedic medicine and delivers heroically simple treatment/prevention of hair follicle congestion using the anti-inflammatory magic of reishi mushrooms plus other adaptogenic ingredients.

creative director

During the startup’s incubation, I built Rei’s brand and visual identity in reflection of the founder’s personal connection to the healing magic of two flagship products, Rei-Nude and Rei-Freshed. With inclusivity and no-BS energy in mind, I established the brand’s logo, typographic rules, color swatches, photography direction, design elements, content direction and primary/secondary package designs.

visual identity + package design

  • logo design + brand guidelines
  • typography, color palette, pattern definition
  • product packaging art direction
  • production sample approvals
  • photography + brand mood art direction
  • supply procurement assistance

Beau Collins, Founder

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