Nave quality snacks kettle corn launch 2018

Manufactured for exclusive distribution to vending machines and bodega chains in the Northeast region, Nave kettle corn is a delicious snack that underwent repositioning to target the better-for-you audience. The creative brief entailed visual communication that speaks to the simplicity of the ingredient list, and design impact that would position the brand on-shelf with top competitors on-shelf at premium grocery store retailers.

senior designer, art director

The client recently updated his established snack brand when CCG was approached to redesign two kettle corn products that should resonate with a health-conscious millennial snacker. I art directed the product package design concepts and worked with the client to tailor the design to perfection. Once approved, I executed production design files and reviewed supplier samples.

packaging design

  • product conceptualization
  • art direction
  • production artwork

George Costello, Creative Director

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