colgate innovations lab concept 2019

An integral contributor to Colgate’s continued leadership in the wellness consumer market, the Innovations Lab department is traditionally celebrated for executing new projects on the straight and narrow. However, CCG paired with executive innovators to bring a creative vision to life in preparation to pitch the gourmet experiential series, Moments Collection by Colgate to global branches of the company. The pitch was very well received and continued the project lifecycle to US national consideration with retailers.

senior designer

Our lean group of creatives at CCG were immediately intriqued by the Innovations Lab’s clear vision and creative input within the project brief. As a designer with an inherent need to organize visuals and optimize communication, I lead and executed the wireframing, programming and art direction for an interactive pitch deck that allowed the presenter or viewer to effortlessly navigate throughout the concept story. I also assisted in the concept packaging process by producing prototypes and assisting with art direction of the sample kit.

art direction + interactive pitch deck

  • wireframing of interactive pitch deck
  • mood pull sourcing + product conceptualization
  • thematic background renderings
  • product sample prototypes

Sean McCloskey, Art Director
George Costello, Creative Director

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