AGILEX COmpAny website 2018

Specializing in the formulation of diverse categories from personal care to automotive, Agilex Fragrances was launched as a division of global Flavor & Fragrance leader, Firmenich Group. The breadth of capabilities of the corporation is so extensive that a dedicated website was necessary in order to properly advertise the division’s purpose for the big launch. 

senior designer, art director

Alongside my creative team at CCG, I mapped out an intuitive sitemap and plan of attack for research, wire-framing, stock image curation and live review scheduling with the client executive board.  I directed the execution of low-fidelity wireframes and user journey discussions with the client. I continuously consulted with our web designer to assure load time optimization for the dense website. I presented live client review presentations of high-fidelty prototypes along the way and curated/retouched photography as necessary.

visual identity + retail design

  • sitemapping + static wireframes
  • digital brand + typography + color
  • stock image sourcing
  • hi-fidelty + lo-fidelty prototypes
  • user journey exercises
  • cross-functional project management
  •  e-blast template design + campaign delegation

George Costello, Creative Director

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